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Digital Agency with Excellence Service

We are a passionate team of enthusiastic professionals in digital, bringing your business idea to life.

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Our Services

Complete digital solutions for your business to grow. We specialize in transforming the digital presence of small business websites. Our mission is to help businesses find their perfect online strategy.

Web Design

In today's digital world, your website is the first interaction consumers have with your business.

Our web design services maximizes your revenue. We offer fully customized responsive design or rapid web design services.

Join our the modern web design + tech now!

Web Development

Our skilled team of developers can deliver a highly customized and fully integrated web development solution at a competitive cost.

We provide both full stack solutions (React + Node.js + Express + MySQL) and traditional solutions (PHP + MySQL).

We also offer CMS Development, API RESTFul Development and other backend systems development.

Digital Online Campaigns

We have got many years of experience to help our clients develop digital online games.

With Facebook Connect, your target audience are able to engage with your campaign mini sites in which they can play mini games with leaderboard, or submit forms and to win coupons.

We got full experiene to embed tracking codes so you are pleased to check all pages and all click events.

Mobile App Development

We provide cost-effective solutions to app development because we use React Native which allows us to create apps for both platforms simultaneously without incurring extra cost, efforts, and timings.

React Native can speed up the working of the app. No delay in loading, no hanging, no app crash!

Web Game Development

We love online interactive stuff! Web gaming is one of the popular multimedia to make your target audience fun and is used to engage your websites or campaign.

We provide pure HTML5 web game development, which is good to embed into your campaign sites or promotional product sites.

Technical Consultancy and Site Maintenance

The web covers many aspects of digital including web design, graphic design, multimedia design, backend techlology, frontend technology, server and network issues, security and social media engagement.

Our team have been gaining over 12 years digital experience and deeply believe we can help you solve the digital problems and let you save money!

About Us

Megas Interactive is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in the Hong Kong.

Who We Are

We are a team of experienced digital designers and developers passionate about web design and web development.

Our Success

  • Increased your site visitors to have positive overall experience and much greater ease of use.
  • Bought creative idea into the world.
  • Increased social engagement on digital game campaigns.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the best online performance for all of our clients. Our mission is to transform the digital presence of small businesses and find the best strategy to be online.

Why Choose Us

We are a passionate team of enthusiastic professionals in digital, bringing your business idea to life.

100% Tailor Made Frontend

We strongly believe that we can do 100% tailor made web sites that means we customize even the tiny parts of the pages.

High End Web Interfaces/Interactions

This is the choice between simple button vs mouse-over effect button, static texts vs fade-in texts when page is scrolled around.

We do all these detailed tasks. You needs us if you want the high end web interface/interactions.

Separated frontend code and backend code

We build both dynamic and static sites. The traditional PHP sites are in poor structure alghouth there are frameworks to provide MVC architecture.

However, the overhead is very big and is hard to maintain, and it also required plenty of frontend and backend developers.

The codes are tight coupling and is easily generated bugs.

Full Stack Development and Agile Methodology

We love full stack development and agile methodology in software development.

They are benefit of reducing the technical costs of team communication and so client costs can be saved.

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